Front End Telescopic Cylinders

Group Telescopic Cylinders With Outer Cover(FC TYPE)
Min. Order 10 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2019-12-30
Telescopic Cylinders With Outer Cover
Product Feature
1. To guarantee stable and reliable quality by advanced machining technology and Reasonable design scheme.

2. the material with better mechanical property to guarantee stronger lifting capacity.

3. Ensure the best product performance by world famous seal kits.

4. Highly improved anti-corrosion and wear resisting property with high-end chrome plating production line.

5.Stroke 900mm-12000mm, up to 8 stages.

6. working pressure up to 3500psi.

7.  lifting capacity can be 120ton by reasonable lifting way

8. lifting capacity can be about 300 ton for special mine Hydraulic cylinders.

9.All stage Diameter:






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