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Telescopic cylinder Inspection vedio

Telescopic cylinder Inspection

Zhongxin Production Introduction vedio


FAQ 1,What is the location of your factory?Yishui County,Linyi City,Shandong Province,China 2 options to our factory:PlanA:Shanghai Airport To Linyi Shubuling Airport, about 1:40 hour.We can pick up you to Linyi shubuling Airport.                                                    PlanB:Shanghai Airport To Qingdao AirPort, about 1:30 hour, Pick up you to Qingdao Airport. If you don’t set out from shanghai ,please let me know . I will recommend the other way to our factory .2,How many square meters of your factory?9670 sq ,with 80 employees,established in 2008 3.What is your Manufacturing capacity?We offer a wide range of hydraulic cylinders with a customized solution.Bore diameter from 16mm to 1000mmStroke from 5mm to 18000mmWorking pressure from 2-35Mpa,can be up to 70Mpa for special requirementsWorking Environment:-40℃- +80℃4,Your nearest sea port?Qingdao5.How many cylinders do you manufacture Per Day in average?For Telescopic cylinders ,20-30pcs per dayFor other small cylinders, 200pcs per day6.How much time is needed to test 1 cylinder?About 4 minutes7.what is percentage of cylinder that you check before delivery ?100%8.How many CNC Machines and Machining centers you have ?23 CNC lathes and 10 center lathes, Below List FYI. No. Name Qty 1 CNC Lathe 23 2 Lathe 10 3 Milling Machine 3 4Drilling Machine95Deep Hole Drilling and Boring46Vertical Machine Center17Cylindrical Grinder68Tool Grinder19Inverter electroplate power210Painting and Drying Machine111Horizontal automatic welder212CO2 gas shielded welding machine313ilicon rectifier archway welder214metal band sawing machine215Smart marking machine116High Pressure Cleaners117ultrasonic cleaners 2 9.Each cylinder are you testing with hydraulic oil?or with air?Test with Hydraulic Oil10.Warranty1 Year after the cargo arrive at your port.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder HYDRAULIC CYLINDER INFO Cylinder Bore Diameter(mm) Tube O/D(mm) Rod Diameter(mm) Stroke Length(mm) Mounting Closed(mm) Mounting Open(mm) Insert Port SizeMax working PresureCylinder ApplicationQuantity Required CYLINDER MOUNTING OPTIONS PISTON ROD MOUNTING OPTIONS Please don't hesitate to contact me for inquiry. ada@zxhydraulicmaker.com

Hydraulic Cylinder Inspection Content

The Inspection of Hydraulic Cylinder NO. Test Item Testing Contect 1 Testing Station Test the running of hydraulic station and valves,pressure gauge,and pipe 2 Minimum Pressure for running Drawing requirements ≤  Mpa 3 No-load capacity performance When it is no-load,the cylinder run more than 2 cycles ,it should work normally 4Mounting SizeDrawing Requirement5strokeDrawing Requirement6outer SizeDrawing Requirement7Port SizeDrawing Requirement8DurabilityTesting Time9Pressure-tight TestWith the working pressure ( ) Mpa,Keep pressure for 15 minutes,the working pressure should not low moer 0.5Mpa.10LeakWhen the testing pressure is 1.5 times of working pressure,keep pressure for three minutes,check the piston rod,welding parts and other parts,it should not be leak,spare parts can't be damaged11ShapeAfter all inspection,put all oil insidee cylinder out,clean inner surface and outer surface of barrel,confirm the shape and quality is in line wiht drawing,add plug at the oil portConfirm the writing of label is clear,scale and model is in line with drawing12PackageAfter up to standard,put cylinder and certification and into pack

Company Profile

Main Product A Wide Range of Hydraulic Cylinders with Customized Solutions Company Name Yishui Zhonxin Machinery Co.,ltd Address A-10,A-12,Xicheng Industry Park,Yihsui,Linyi,Shandong China Website www.zxinhydraulic.com;             http://zxhydraulicmaker.com Business CondistionManufacturer and ExporterTotal Area land/Built Up.(Sq.Mtr.)9670m²/7000m²Nearest Sea PortQingdaoProduction CapacityFront End Telescopic Cylinders2000pcs/yearUnder body Cylinders6000pcs/yearPiston Cylinders and others36,000pcs/year

Garbage Truck Hydraulic Cylinders to Peru Market

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Brick Machine Hydraulic Cylinders

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Agricultural Hydraulic Cylinders To Peru Market

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Warranty Generally,Yishui Zhongxin Machinery Will replace or repair defective articles for free within a year from time of the delivery.This warranty doesn't cover damages caused by the use of defective articles, worn out articles,wrong use of the articles,non-observance of both above mentioned general instructions for first installation and warning and safety measures for dumper,as well as obvious tampering of articles.                              Zhongxin's obligation is subject to confirmation of the claim by our inspection department and is limited to the repair or replacement of the part. Warranty Procedures 1.Description of failure2.Cylinder model and manufacturing date as laser engraved on all cylinders3,Invoice number and date.

Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating  Yishui Zhongxin Machinery Co.,ltd  ave our own electroplating center. which adopt the world's leading non-cyanide electroplating and waste treatment and reuse technology,improve cylinder surface finishing quality. As you know, some factories don’t have the electroplating center, they need to line up for chrome plating ,the chrome plating quality cannot be guaranteed. It is 560 Square Meters With 15 Tanks,Which Can Treat 2500pcs/Day,Chrome Plating Thickness :0.015mm-0.05mm,Hardness:HV800,After chrome plating process,the salt spray test is made to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.Salt Spray Test:last 72 Hours in the salt water density of 5%

What's your Product capacity?

Tube bore-25mm to 400mmRod Dia- 16mm to 200mmStrokes:up to 10000mmWorking Pressure:up to 315 BarTemperature:40℃ to 120℃Higher pressure available for special requirementsComplete range of mountings

What's your Manufacturing facility?

Cover 14000 qm.with 80 employeesCNC turning CentersCNC welding MachineGrinding and polishing MachineChrome plating plantAutomated plant