What are the main types of hydraulic cylinders?
There are three most common types of hydraulic cylinders:
Tie-rod: Tie-rod cylinders are not as strong as welded cylinders. They use one or multiple tie-rods to provide extra stability to the cylinder. These rods are mainly installed on the exterior of the cylinder and carry most of the load.
Welded: Welded cylinders offer more in the terms of customization and strength. End caps are welded in place to close the case of the cylinder. Welded cylinders often have a narrow body and shorter overall length, enabling them to fit better in to tight spaces in machinery.
Telescopic: Telescopic cylinders are multi-stage units that allow the cylinder’s stroke to be longer than a normal cylinder. In this case, the piston rod is also used as a piston barrel and a second piston rod is used for the consecutive barrel.

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